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For the kind attention of the student,

     As shown below, brief information about the risks that will be examined in depth at the beginning of the first course of the Degree Course. The process of “education and information” will be performed by a professor of the Degree Course in the first place, by a representative of the Prevention and Protection Service and by the occupational physician. The education and the information have not to be considered as finished with earning the Degree Course, but they have to be with you for all your professional life.

     The previous information have the aim to sensitize you on the health and safety problems on workplaces and to motivate you to complete the questionnaire, which is present below. This questionnaire, that is confidential and it is used in the respect for the privacy, will help you and the occupational physician, to whom it is addressed, to identify the possible factors that can make you more vulnerable to the risks listed above.

     So you are strongly invited to complete it for the purpose of admission procedures to the Degree Course, keeping in mind that the questionnaire refers to the criteria of self-certification.

     Thankful for the kind collaboration,                       

the Occupational Physician

Prof. Corrado Negro

Trieste, july 2005

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