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Following health examinations

In addition to the initial health examinations (at the hiring or at every change in duties), there could be other following examinations:

  • periodic to confirm the judgment of suitability and/or to control the worker’s state of health; and the schedule is established by the occupational physician (usually once a year)
  • at the return to work, after a long suspension in order to verify the maintenance of the suitability for the job
  • on worker’s request, after the evaluation from the occupational physician

The periodic obligatory follow-up can include both the clinical exam and a series of targeted investigations, based on the risk to which the worker is exposed.

They are useful for:

  • verifying the suitability to the continuation of the activity
  • controlling the efficiency of the preventive and protective risk measures
  • verifying the links between the state of current health and the previous activity
  • verifying other alterations that can be influenced by the continuation of the exposure

All the costs shall be assumed by the athenaeum and the examinations are counted to all effects as working hours.

The Prevention and Protection Service schedules the periodic visits communicated by the occupational physician in the previous examination:

  1. the worker will be contacted to set the date to carry out the medical examination:
    • automatically, through the institutional email address
    • by phone for those to whom an university account has not been assigned
  2. the occupational physician can prescribe additional specialized examinations: in this case the worker will be contacted to set the dates to carry out them
  3. completed all the medical examinations both the worker and the Prevention and Protection Service will receive a copy of the certification of suitability

the possible restricted prescriptions to be respected for the tasks to be performed, or the possible unsuitability of the subject, will be communicated to the worker’s person in charge of the structure