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Anamnestic questionnaire

The questionnaire must be completed by all the students that are going to enroll at the following courses of study:

  • all the courses of the area “life and health sciences” (excluding of those of psychology)
  • courses of chemistry, earth sciences and sciences and technology of environment

To make the compilation easier, the questions of the questionnaire are made available in preview. It advices to get the data before proceeding to the online compilation and to keep at your fingertips the instructions during the compilation.

The main phases are:

  1. compilation of questionnaire
  2. confirm the content of the questionnaire (to save all the answers)
  3. possible corrections
  4. final closure of questionnaire
  5. automatic sending of notification emails of compilation
  6. possible print or archiving of file of questionnaire

Download the “preview of the questionnaire” (pdf)

Download the “instructions for the online compilation” (pdf)

See the FAQs to solve the most common problems

Go on with the “compilation of the questionnaire” (ita) >>

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