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Criteria and methods for the health surveillance of the students

     The enrollment at the scientific degree courses requires educational activities and traineeships in chemical/biological laboratories with possible exposure to risks protected by the legislation currently in force. The main prevention and health rules are present in: D.P.R. 547/55, D.P.R. 303/56, the Legislative Decree 277/91 and the Legislative Decree 81/08 and successive amendments. In case of the presence of these risks and if the exposure is important, or rather it is the same as the employees’ one, these rules provides for a health surveillance. This is organized in preventive (before the exposure to the risk), periodic (annual, biennial or other frequency, in connection with the entity of evaluated risk) examinations and in those at the end of the collaboration for some risks (e.g. non-moderate chemical risk, ionizing radiations, etc.).

     It is reminded the necessity that the dean of department, in which the student will work continuously as thesis writer, trainee, etc., reports the name of the student to the Prevention and Protection Service for the preventive examination.

     Anyway, it is provided the health surveillance of the students that enroll at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, at the Mathematical Physical and Natural Sciences and at the Faculty of Pharmacy, where there is the concrete possibility of protected exposure made by the following way:

  1. at the enrollment giving an anamnestic questionnaire with the purpose of noticing, through the self-certification, the existence of possible conditions that make the student more vulnerable to the professional risks, ruled by the legislation currently in force;
  2. to undergo focused examinations for the cases identified by the occupational physician in order to give to the student and to the president of Degree Course indications for the protections towards specific risks ;
  3. to offer to the student the possibility to address to the occupational physician to get information and measures for health protection when he/she thinks that the “work” activity can have personal contraindications. Indeed it is provided that during the course of health surveillance the occupational physician contributes to the education and information of the students about the risks, to which they can be exposed during the university career, and the indications on the right use of the possible collective (e.g. hoods) and personal (PPE, gloves, masks, etc.) protective equipment.

     The questionnaires filled-out by the students will have to send electronically to the occupational physician and the information will be got in the respect for the privacy. The questionnaire will constitute the base of the individual health document (“risk file”), that will be kept by the occupational physician and, if necessary, it will be updated with the possible preventive and periodic controls, established for the purpose of health surveillance.

The occupational physician

Prof. Corrando Negro

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