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Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste

The Trieste Symposium on
Perception and Cognition

November 8, 2019


Poster Session (12.45 - 15.00)

Entrance hall of the Aula Magna, ground floor. H3 building.
Main University Campus. Via A. Valerio, 12 - Trieste

Preliminary Programme (pdf)


Adriano, A, Rinaldi L & Girelli L.

Grouping objects with Illusory Contour lines reduces the perceived numerosity. A study with comparison and estimation tasks. 


Antoniol A, Dalla Barba G, & Minozzi M.

“I would like to have a time machine!”: a pilot study on memory and confabulation in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders 


Baldassi G, Murgia M, Prpic V,  Agostini V & Fantoni C.

The happiest wins with both upright and inverted faces: evidence for type of processing-independent emotion comparison  


Bononaiuto P

Mental schemata and attribution of causal meaning in cast shadows


Calarco D & Di Blas L 

Intra-individual covariations between personality structures and contextualized appraisal components. 


Carbone D & Ferrante D

The personal/group discrimination discrepancy: analysis and study of the phenomenon


Castillo De Spelorzi YC

Molecular-genetic study of autism spectrum disorders and phenotypes correlations 


Chiandetti C, Dissegna A, Biasin L, Scalera L & Gallina P

Calming effect of rocking in an avian species 


Coladonato R, Carnaghi A, Stragà M, Bianchi M & Piccoli V

The intersection between sexual orientation and race categories: the case of Black and Asian men


De Caro EF, Rouco V, Di Blas L & De Clercq B

Developmental trajectories of Ideal Body Figure and Self-Esteem during adolescence: Seasonal effects


Del Ben G, Arcara G, Di Tomasso S, Weis L, Bernardini S, Piccione F & Busan P 

Neural correlates of speech motor preparation across different social contexts in adults with persistent developmental stuttering: a magnetoencephalography study 


De Vita C, Tomasetto C, & Passolunghi MC

Object Tracking System and Approximate Number System: which links to early mathematics? A longitudinal study in preschoolers 


Faiella A, Stragà M & Ferrante D

The production of counterfactual thought: a developmental study


Federico G & Brandimonte A

Tool and object affordances: the role of thematic consistency in modulating visual exploration patterns and object recognition performance


Flebus G

The measurement of tolerance to domestic noise


Fontana M, Usai MC, Toffalini E, Passolunghi MC

Inhibitory profile in people with Down Syndrome: a meta-analysis


Galliussi J, Perondi L, Chia G, Gerbino W, & Bernardis P

Do an increased spacing and a “dyslexia friendly” font affect text readability in children with and without dyslexia?


Li MS, Di Luca M, Abdlkarim D, Roberts R & Wing A

The effect of tactile delay on subjective perception of virtual surface 


Marchiol F, Cavallero C, Luxardi, GL & Penolazzi, B

Psychological functioning network associated with the risk of developing a feeding and eating disorder in a group of high school students 


Milani Marin L & Jacomuzzi A

Perception and emotion towards insects as food 


Mingolo S, Murgia M, Prpic V, Bilotta E

The influence of an atypical spatial-numerical configuration on the SNARC effect: the case of the mobile phone keypad


Moro O, De Caro EF, Bonavigo T, Pascolo-Fabrici E, Palmisano S, Albert U, Sandri F &
Di Blas L.

SCL-90 in applied settings: Assessing psychopathology in bariatric surgery candidates 


Munaretto G & Del Missier F

Time estimation abilities and executive functions in time-based prospective memory


Pauletto M, Grassi M, Passolunghi MC, Penolazzi B

Psychological well-being in childhood: the predictive role of Emotional Intelligence, Coping and General Intelligence


Pecunioso A & Agrillo C 

Does prolonged musical training impact on susceptibility to numerosity illusions?


Pelizzo P

Characterisation of the role of dietary anthocyanins in regulating the cellular metabolism of bilirubin.


Piccoli V, Carnaghi A, Grassi M, Stragà M & Bianchi M

Cyberbullying through the lens of social influence: An Italian Study 


Prenassi M, Coppola W, Ramponi G, Agostini T, & Marceglia S

Audio feedback effects on susteined vowels a Tomatis electronic ear study


Prpic V & Cullen P

Does visual perspective taking influence the SNARC effect? A pilot study with non-symbolic numerals


Rizzo A, Innocenti A, Ermini S, Rossi A, Genovese A, Bernabini D & Todisco M 

Ocular movements analysis to detect conflicts between System 1 and System 2


Stragà M, Rigutti S, Carnaghi A, Fantoni C

On the relationship between human-likeness and state anxiety in the Imagined interaction with human replicas: the mediating role of dehumanization and quality of interaction 


Vascotto J

Behavioral indices of lie: verbal and nonverbal analysis


Živković M, Pellizzoni S & Passolunghi MC

The impact of cognitive and non-cognitive factors on math achievement in students of primary school

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