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Department of Psychology, University of Trieste

The Trieste Symposium on Perception and Cognition

Friday October, 29 - 2.00 pm.


Poster Session

Preliminary Programme

1. Grazia Caporusso & Riccardo Luccio
Univeristy of Trieste, Italy
Phenomenal Influences on Frohlich effect

2. Alessandro Centazzo
University of Trieste, Italy
Language and its role in reorientation: a study in pre and post verbal age

3. Valentina Chiarelli*, Paolo Bernardis* & Carlo Semenza°
University of Trieste*, University of Padova°, Italy
Processing of fractions in the left and right hemisphere

4. Olga Daneyko & Daniele Zavagno
University Of Trieste, University of Milan Bicocca, Italy
The effects of depth and size on lightness in stereoscopic displays

5. Francesca D'Orlando
University of Trieste, Italy
Behavioural Problems in childhood: a comparision among different raters

6. Antonia Fumarola*, Konstantinos Priftis°^, Osvaldo Da Pos°, Carlo Umiltà°, Tiziano Agostini*
University of Trieste*, Italy; University of Padova°, Italy; IRCSS S. Camillo^, Venezia, Italy
The spatial representation of brigthness: the S.B.A.R.C. effect

7. Caterina Macho°* & Paolo Bernardis*
University of Trieste*, Italy; INSERM Paris°, France
Recognition of emotional facial expressions in a group of actors

8. Marta Morreale & Walter Gerbino
University of Trieste, Italy
Family resemblance: gender and typicality effects

9. Mauro Murgia, Ilaria Santoro, Stefano Feduzi, Giovanni Righi, Tiziano Agostini
University of Trieste, Italy
Modeling breathing through sound: The respiratory second order biofeedback

10. Valentina Piccoli & Andrea Carnaghi
University of Trieste, Italy
The spatial agency bias: the role of gender and social status

11. Nicola Zulian & Sergio Carlomagno
University of Trieste, Italy
Evaluating changes in referring abilities in adults with severe chronic fluent aphasia

12. Marta Stragà, Francesco Marcatto, Donatella Ferrante & Vittorio Girotto°
University of Trieste*, University of Venezia - IUAV°, Italy
Counterfactual thinking and hypothetical future: How we imagine past and future alternatives

13. Irene Gratton*, Erica Bisesi°, Giovanni Bruno Vicario^
Conservatory of Trieste*, University of Trieste*, University of Udine°, Italy; University of Klagenfurt^, Austria
Can the tempo be exactly reproduced and doubled?

14. Marianna Filippini e Maria Silvia Barbieri
University of Trieste, Italy
Explaining Capacity in preschoolers: contribution of cognitive and linguistic components

15. Luigi Aprile
University of Florence, Italy
Primitive processes in children lexical definitions from 8 to 12 years old

16. Mattia Della Rocca, Carmela Morabito
University of Rome - Tor Vergata, Italy
Movement in the philosophy of mind: traces of development of the motor model of the mind in the history of science

17. Cristina Campione & Maurizio Gentilucci
University of Parma, Italy
Postures of distal effectors influence the control of actions executed with other distal effectors: new evidence for a system of interactions between hand and mouth

18. Céline Crajé, John van der Kamp, & Bert Steenbergen
Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands
The effect of context information on grip planning in left and right hemiparetic cerebral palsy

19. Vera Ferrari*, Marco Bertamini° & Nicola Bruno*
University of Parma*, Italy; University of Liverpool°, UK
Pointing to Weber's law with Müller-Lyer's illusion

20. Ana Pires
Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
Spatial facilitation in the adjacent areas of apparent motion.

21. Antimo Buonocore*, Antje Nuthmann°, & Robert McIntosh°
* University of Trieste, Italy; ° University of Edinburgh, UK
Modulation of Saccadic Inhibition parameters by distractor properties

22. Michele Vicovaro, Luigi Burigana
University of Padova, Italy
The role of shape in the size-weight illusion. A constant stimuli experiment with cylindrical objects.

23. Cristino Crescentini*, Tim Shallice*°, Fabio Del Missier^, Emiliano Macaluso§
SISSA*, University of Trieste^, Santa Lucia Foundation§ - Rome; Italy & ICN London°, UK
Neural correlates of episodic retrieval: An fMRI study of the part-list cueing effect

24. Andrea De Cesarei, Maurizio Codispoti
University of Bologna, Italy
Fuzzy picture processing: Effects of size reduction and blurring on emotional reactions

25. Andrea De Cesarei* & Geoffrey R. Loftus°
University of Bologna*, Italy; University of Washington°, WA
Global and local vision in natural scene identification

26. Ivana Ćirović & Sunčica Zdravković
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Verbal versus pictorial in mental exploration

27. Bojana Jovanović & Slobodan Marković
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Subjective experience of inverted faces

28. Vladimir Mišić & Vasilije Gvozdenović
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Psychometric characteristics of personality attribute mini scale

29. Davide Jugovac*, Sara Koterle*, Corrado Cavallero*, Pierluigi Dolso°, Gian Luigi Gigli°
University of Trieste*, S. Maria della Misericordia Hospital°, Udine, Italy
Attentional deficits in patients with sleep apnea syndrome

30. Cristina Campillo
University Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain
The visual processing of local and global features in stroke patients

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