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Housing Anywhere - Housing platform for mobility students

HousingAnywhere provides exchange students with the possibility to swap their accommodation with exchange students from other countries.

Students from the University of Trieste, who are about to spend a period of study abroad, can advertise their accommodation by logging in the HousingAnywhere website with their institutional e-mail address ( At the same time they may search for an accommodation abroad by selecting the location of the host university on the web site.

Vice versa, exchange students coming to the University of Trieste can search for an accommodation in Trieste or one of the other 3 city campuses.

They can also advertise their own accommodation if their home university has subscribed as well to HousingAnywhere.

The University of Trieste acts only as a communication intermediator and is not responsible for contents neither for the truthfulness of information.

The University of Trieste is just supporting a platform where students can find each other and is not responsible for damages.

Students who go abroad can advertise their rooms for free, and incoming students can respond to these offers for free.

Only students can post rooms on the website, by allowing only those people with a university e-mail address.

Housing is looking for a Student Ambassador.
You will work in an international start-up company, which is fun and also good for your CV.
  • You will develop your marketing, promotion, and business communication skills.

  • You will be part of a young, dynamic, and quickly growing company.

  • It is a nice job that is a perfect supplement to studying.

  • You will have a lot of responsibility and will see direct results: if you manage to do a good job, hundreds of students will use the platform every year in your city. And you can say: “I was the one who made this happen!”

  • Apply & questions
    If you are interested in applying or want more information contact Konstantinos on or go directly to HousingAnywhere JOBS

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