Bachelor Track Courses at Vytautas Magnus University

The university network  Transform4Europe aims to train a new generation of young Europeans who will work together across disciplines applying the acquired digital, intercultural and entrepreneurial skills. This training will enable you to actively participate in shaping the necessary transformation processes in Europe.

Vytautas Magnus University encourages bachelor students from every Transform4Europe Alliance university in the upcoming spring semester to join Europe-oriented Bachelor Tracks as an additional course.   

The Transform4Europe Track consists of common core modules on the following topics: 

  • Knowledge Entrepreneurship; 
  • Languages & Intercultural Competencies; 
  • European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy. 

You can also select the track according to your needs and interests from 3 optional challenge-based tracks: 

  • Digital Transformation and Smart Regions; 
  • Environmental Transformation and Sustainability; 
  • Societal Transformation, Community Building and Inclusion. 

What are your benefits? 

  • Exchanging ideas with students from other academic cultures. 
  • Gaining and developing European competencies in a narrower relevant subfield. 
  • Increasing your career opportunities by a unique profile development. 
  • Increasing future research and career opportunities in interdisciplinary fields. 
  • Networking possibilities with students from other European universities. 

The spring semester at Vytautas Magnus University starts from February 1 and runs until June 30. The examination session will continue till June 13

Registration is open from January 16 till January 29, 2023.  

For more information please contact or  

Apply for T4EU Bachelor Tracks courses

From September 2022, UniTs students have the opportunity to attend courses at Bachelor level, offered by Transform4Europe Alliance partner institutions.

The first universities to launch the programme were the Vytautas Magnus University and the Estonian Academy of Arts (apply until 25th September). Over the coming weeks, other T4Eu partners will also join the offer to give students a wider choice of courses.

UniTS offers the following courses:

  • Management of Innovation
  • Organizational behaviour and design
  • Economic geography
  • Biodiversity Informatics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Ecologia generale (Basics of Ecology)

Students can integrate the programme into their curriculum.

The courses will be held in different modalities:

  • face-to-face = students attend on campus
  • hybrid = Transform4Europe students attend online, home students attend on-campus
  • blended = the course is largely online (for all students), but there may be face-to-face elements, for instance for project work, during the mobility week or a final exam
  • basic course (BC) = Knowledge in the area of expertise
  • application course (AC) = Students apply knowledge to gain experience and generate societal transformative impact in limited scope

The Transform4Europe Track has three common core modules:

  • Knowledge Entrepreneurship
  • Languages & Intercultural Competencies
  • European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy

and optional challenge-based modules covering the three Transform4Europe focus areas

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Environmental Transformation
  • Societal Transformation

To apply, consult the list of modules and courses offered 
and fill in the registration form.

Find out more on the Bachelor’s Tracks programme page!