Open Dual Lecture in Alicante

On October 18, 2023, there will be a new Open Dual Lecture happening from 10 AM-12.30 PM. The Lecture, organized by the University of Alicante, will address the topic of Digital Entrepreneurship in the field of Tourism. It will be moderated by Dr Susana A. de Juana, Associate Lecturer at the Department of Business of the Management Tourism Research Institute of the UA, and will host two speakers:

  • Dr Raquel Huete, Senior Lecturer at the Department Sociology of the Tourism Research Institute, University of Alicante
  • Matej Kalan, Digital Architect & Strategist

Venue: Assembly Hall, German Bernacer Building, University of Alicante

It will be possible to

Apply for the Stakeholder challenge

Students and academic staff from the T4EU Alliance Universities are invited to join the latest Stakeholder Challenge.

Aster Coop, an Italian company specialising in the management of integrated logistics services – launched a challenge that aims to set up a “Maintenance Scheduler”. Participants will have to set up a scheduler able to handle various activities related to routine and extraordinary maintenance of Aster Coop’s facilities (warehouses), equipment and machinery.

They will work on the development of a software, which can assist in managing all the activities related to ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. The entire challenge will be ONLINE!

The software will have to:

  • generate alerts as the deadline of maintenance activities approaches;
  • generate a new maintenance expiration date when the activity is accomplished;
  • should have the possibility to upload reports and images of the maintenance performed by the operator;
  • must be able to store the history of all the maintenance activities;
  • must be able to have a “ticketing system” for reporting anomalies and extraordinary damages. The operator who identifies a contingency requiring intervention (breakdown, breakage, alarm, etc.) “opens a ticket” within the scheduler reporting that it is required to intervene on a facility or machinery

Detailed announcement

Apply by August 3!

T4EU Science Slam

We invite you to join the first edition of Transform4Europe Science Slam, which will take place in Saarbrücken, Germany, on the 4th of October 2023. All subjects are welcome.

A Science Slam is a unique format of scientific communication where researchers present their work entertainingly and understandably to a non-expert audience. Each slammer has 10 minutes to showcase their research. The goal of a Science Slam is to make science accessible and engaging to a broader audience, to foster dialogue between scientists and society, and to showcase the diversity of research topics and methods across all fields of study.

If you haven’t seen a science slam before, have a look at this example: Stealing weight from Steel – Aniruddha Dutta (Germany’s Science Slam Champion 2018)

Interested slammers should contact: and put the respective local project manager in copy. Please, provide your name, your university, what degree you are studying toward (or if you are a professor, what degree you have), your field of study/research, and a short working title for your slam.

The deadline for applications is July 31st 2023. The slam has to be in English. For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact Lukas Redemann ( 

 Travel costs and one night of accommodation for the slammers will be covered by Transform4Europe.

Online Spanish language course for UniTS students

The Language Centre of Saarland University offers students from T4EU Alliance universities the chance to enrol in a 10-week Spanish language course. Candidates should already have an A2.2 level. The course will run from 17 April to 3 July 2023 in an online self-study mode and wants to prepare students for a semester at the Universidad de Alicante. The contents focus on life at university in Spain and everyday language. 

Up to four places are reserved for students from the University of Trieste. Students will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Look at the programme and apply by 19 April 2023, 4 pm CET!


To participate, write an email to  and express your interest.

After you sign up, you will receive a link to register and take the 30-minute language-level assessment (placement test). The test must be taken by April 24, 2023.

Apply for the T4EU Week at Saarland University

Applications for the T4EU Week at Saarland University are now open!

The event will take place from 8th to 12th May 2023 in Saarbrücken. 

Have a look at the programme and apply until 12th April.

This week will be dedicated to the topic “Europe in transformation”. There will be a wide range of courses for different target groups.
Up to 8 students will be accepted from each partner university.

Please note:

Students must take at least one of the following compulsory courses: Quantum theory and Foundations of Europe (3 CP each). In addition, they may also choose to take other additional courses. In this case, they will not obtain more CPs.

The programme includes a section dedicated to hybrid and online courses that are free and open to all participants who want to join remotely. Registration for these courses will be possible in a few weeks.

Stakeholder Challenge 2023 – Design and improve a BI platform

Students from the T4EU Alliance universities are encouraged to join the Stakeholder challenge: an opportunity to design an improvement action on a cutting-edge platform in the Business Intelligence sector, already used by many “Fortune 500” companies: “AgrEGG”.

Students and academic staff will work online in groups for three days on a cutting-edge Business Intelligence platform. What is asked by the Stakeholder is to create support for the functional evaluation, to test the user experience, and to suggest new features for the general improvement of the tool.

Prodigys Group has launched a challenge that could be of interest to many T4EU Alliance Students and academic staff!

The Stakeholder Challenge consists in designing an improvement action for their Business Intelligence platform “AgrEGG” already used by many Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to its ability to quickly combine any type of data, regardless of quantity and source, the platform allows you to easily explore data thanks to its drill down, aggregation and intelligent visualization capabilities.

Data exploration is no longer just linear but becomes dynamic, scalable, flexible, and real-time. The powerful calculation engine, starting from different data sources, can process complex mathematical formulas to build statistics and graphs analysis to measure and monitor KPIs from any database or data source.
Students, with any academic background, and academic staff will work in groups for three days (10th /11th /12th May 2023) creating support for the functional evaluation of the tool, testing the user experience, and suggesting new features for the toll overall improvement.
The following work steps are planned during the three-day Challenge:

  1. User analysis: the creation of own dashboard and evaluation of frontend and backend usability.
  2. Benchmark Market: research of similar software highlighting its specialities and success factors.
  3. Tuning User Interface: redesigning some elements/sections.
  4. Concept plug-in: the creation of additional services which can increase the effectiveness of the product/service.
    Winners will be awarded 1,500 euros.
  • Application: form March, 20th to April, 21st
  • Group composition: April, 24th – April, 28th
  • Communication of group composition: May, 02nd
  • Challenge: May, 10th /11th /12th .

Apply for the T4EU Week in Alicante

Application open until 24 March 2023

The University of Alicante invites BA and MA students from Transform4Europe partner universities to join Transform4Europe Week. The topic of the event is “Digital Transformation”. Societal digital transformation refers to the incorporation of digital technologies and tools into various aspects of society: businesses, government, education, and healthcare. It implies the adoption of digital technologies: such as cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain, to enable more efficient and effective ways of working and delivering services to the public.

Students can choose from the following four workshops (see detailed workshop description attached) that will take place on the 9th and 10th of May at the University of Alicante:

  • Become a Knowledge Entrepreneur
  • From data to knowledge
  • Introduction to Music Information Retrieval
  • EdTech for Second Language Learning

T4EU Business Plan Competition – 2nd edition

From the 1st of March to the 14th of April 2023, you can register for the 2nd edition of the T4EU Business Plan Competition, open to students ofTransform4Europe alliance universities.

The main objective of the Business Plan Competition is to spread the culture of innovation in the academic world and the European business environment by encouraging the start-up and scale-up of companies (university/academic spin-offs and innovative start-ups) that turn original ideas into business ideas.

Organized by CLab UniTS, the Competition will focus on Sustainability

Students can participate in groups; each group must be a mixed team of at least 5 students coming from the different partner universities. Teams may optionally include academic staff.

The competition is an opportunity to work on your sustainable business project by sharing experiences in international teams, with the support of qualified mentors. Selected aspiring entrepreneurs will participate in a dedicated training session. The best project will be awarded 5,000 euros

These are the planned stages: 

By March 31st you can register your business idea, and then up to seven of the best projects will be selected to be admitted to the next stage.

From mid-April to the end of May, the selected groups will be tutored by mentors (entrepreneurs, consultants, managers, professionals, business angels and institutional investors and university professors) who will provide support for the development and improvement of the business plans and pitches to be presented for the selection of the winners. The selected groups will also be able to undertake entrepreneurial culture training on business management topics (business planning, strategy, marketing, organization, accounting, finance, and industrial property protection) and take part in meetings with the university, industry, and financial community (to foster the circulation of ideas and development of relationships).

An award ceremony for the winners will be held in early June during a dedicated public event. 


Open Dual Lecture at the University of Alicante

A new Open Dual Lecture will take place on the 27th of January, 2023,
from 6 pm to 8 pm. Organized by the University of Alicante, it will focus on the Entrepreneurial and Academic scope of Sustainable Tourism.

The lecture venue is the university’s conference room, Sala de Conferencias, Edificio San Fernando 40, Alicante.

The Open Dual Lecture will be delivered by:

  • Leonardo Cerno, a freelance outdoor guide & consultant in protected areas
  • Dr Oana Driha, US Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economic Analysis

The moderation is held by Dr Josep Ivars, UA Professor, Department of Regional Geographic Analysis & Physical Geography Tourism Research Institute.

Download the programme