Open Dual Lecture at the University of Alicante

A new Open Dual Lecture will take place on the 27th of January, 2023,
from 6 pm to 8 pm. Organized by the University of Alicante, it will focus on the Entrepreneurial and Academic scope of Sustainable Tourism.

The lecture venue is the university’s conference room, Sala de Conferencias, Edificio San Fernando 40, Alicante.

The Open Dual Lecture will be delivered by:

  • Leonardo Cerno, a freelance outdoor guide & consultant in protected areas
  • Dr Oana Driha, US Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economic Analysis

The moderation is held by Dr Josep Ivars, UA Professor, Department of Regional Geographic Analysis & Physical Geography Tourism Research Institute.

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Scolarships for Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy programme

The University of Silesia in Katowice, one of the T4EU partner universities, invites students from EU and non-EU countries to apply for the Intercultural Communication and Diplomacy Programme – INTERCOM.

The application is open until January 8, 2023. The programme is free of charge; each participant will receive a scholarship of 5000PLN (approximately 1100 euro).

INTERCOM is open to humanities and/or social sciences students who have completed at least one year of the 1st cycle of studies or are in the process of completing the 2nd cycle of studies and to PhD candidates.

The programme  (75 hours online + 60 hours on-site, 11 ECTS)  includes online lessons and a study visit to Katowice. It comprises 6 modules with introductory lectures and workshops during which students will participate in discussions, seminars and lessons on Polish culture.

During the 10-day study visit at the University of Silesia, students will also have the chance to join sightseeing tours.

For more information, visit the INTERCOM programme website.

T4EU supports the State University of Mariupol

The Mariupol State University cooperates with the T4EU Alliance, and its members would like to show their solidarity with Ukrainian colleagues and their families.

 T4EU universities invite their communities to support the Ukrainian university and the project to rebuild the destroyed university, relocating it to Kyiv.

You can donate online on:
(1 euro = 38.8374 hryvnia).

Read more about this initiative

Human Resources Management course for T4EU students

Within the T4EU Bachelor’s Tracks framework, the University of Alicante -UA has set up the course Human Resources Management. Skills for managing people in a global context (3ECTS). Bachelor students with B2 English level from the Alliance universities can enrol until the 27th of January 2023. The course is online and will take place from 6th to 15th February. There are 15 places (plus UA students) available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Course programme

Find out more on the Bachelor’s Tracks programme page!

Transform4Europe Strategic Assembly

From 17th to 19th October 2022 the Transform4Europe Strategic Assembly was held at the Saarbrücken Campus of Saarland University. It was a unique opportunity gathering about 160 guests to discuss the core topics of the T4EU alliance and to work on different parts of the project. Expert meetings, steering committee meetings and work group meetings were organised to provide updates about ongoing activities and pave the way to their future development. The event started with a Policy Conference, where different dimensions of transformation were focused in a roundtable discussion and in three workshops.

The team representing the University of Trieste included professors Alberto Pallavicini, Ilaria Micheli, Barbara Campisi, Caterina Bembich, Donata Vianelli, Emanuele Brambilla, as well researchers and members of the administrative staff: Alessandro Carrieri, Federica Mancini, Carla Savastano, Federica Gori,  Cristiano Piani, Silvia Agostini, Giulia Pettenuzzo,  Neva Martelanc, Salvatore Dore and Riccardo Formisano. The latter has recently been appointed as President of the T4EU’s Student Council.

The University of Trieste’ delegation

Prof. Pallavicini and dr. Carla Savastano, with the support and expertise of Project Manager Giulia Pettenuzzo, were asked to organise and chair the “Transformation in Institution” workshop, which witnessed remarkable interest and raised a lively discussion. Prof. Pallavicini also took part in two crucially important institutional coordinators meetings to discuss about the future of the T4EU project after its natural expiration in October 2023.

Cristiano Piani took part in the Joint Virtual Mobile Entrepreneurs Office, where he illustrated UniTS’s activities in the innovation sector. His participation ensured the inclusion of students from our Contamination Lab within an international network, granting access to new collaboration and exchange opportunities with partner universities.

The University of Trieste was also appointed to organise and chair the “Innovative teaching and Curricula” Steering Committee meeting, which included two key WPs of the T4EU project: WP3, “Challenge-based European Curricula” and WP4, “Innovative Teaching and Learning Environments”.

Preparation for this meeting began months before the actual scheduled date, and included activity planning, document preparation, and dialogue with partners to select strategic issues to bring to the attention of the Steering Committee members. During this time, Prof. Barbara Campisi, prof. Caterina Bembich, and Project Manager Silvia Agostini worked closely together to make sure the Steering Committee meeting ran as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Their work was precise, always on time and to the point, thus receiving appreciation from all partners.

These are only a few examples of how pro-active collaboration towards common goals can bring about great results.

The upcoming activities UniTS will be involved in are the Inter-regional Policy Round Table and the 2nd Stakeholder Assembly, which will take place from 14th to 16th November 2022 at Sofia University. Both activities are part of the T4ERI project.

Apply for T4EU Bachelor Tracks courses

From September 2022, UniTs students have the opportunity to attend courses at Bachelor level, offered by Transform4Europe Alliance partner institutions.

The first universities to launch the programme were the Vytautas Magnus University and the Estonian Academy of Arts (apply until 25th September). Over the coming weeks, other T4Eu partners will also join the offer to give students a wider choice of courses.

UniTS offers the following courses:

  • Management of Innovation
  • Organizational behaviour and design
  • Economic geography
  • Biodiversity Informatics
  • Scientific Writing
  • Ecologia generale (Basics of Ecology)

Students can integrate the programme into their curriculum.

The courses will be held in different modalities:

  • face-to-face = students attend on campus
  • hybrid = Transform4Europe students attend online, home students attend on-campus
  • blended = the course is largely online (for all students), but there may be face-to-face elements, for instance for project work, during the mobility week or a final exam
  • basic course (BC) = Knowledge in the area of expertise
  • application course (AC) = Students apply knowledge to gain experience and generate societal transformative impact in limited scope

The Transform4Europe Track has three common core modules:

  • Knowledge Entrepreneurship
  • Languages & Intercultural Competencies
  • European History, Politics, Culture, Law, Economy

and optional challenge-based modules covering the three Transform4Europe focus areas

  • Digital Transformation,
  • Environmental Transformation
  • Societal Transformation

To apply, consult the list of modules and courses offered 
and fill in the registration form.

Find out more on the Bachelor’s Tracks programme page!

Fostering Academia – Industry Dialogue

The University of Trieste, as partner of Transform4Europe project, organises an Open Dual Lecture to foster dialogue between the University and the world of Industry.

The public lecture will take place at Stazione Rogers (Riva Grumula 4, Trieste) on Thursday 28 July at 6.30 p.m .

There will be a live stream on the University’s youtube channel

The Lecture has two mail goals: make it clear that the challenge is the same from both the academic and the industrial/business perspectives, and share the mutual knowledge about the most important topics of the future.

Two speakers, one academic and an entrepreneur are invited to dialogue about the new challenges of energy having in mind the three focus areas of the Transform4Europe project:

  • digital transformation and smart regions;
  • environmental transformation and sustainability;
  • societal transformation, community building and inclusion;

Alessandro Massi Pavan
Coordinator of the Center for Energy, Environment and Transport Giacomo Ciamician, University of Trieste (Italy)
From academia: Yaroslav Grosu
Professor of Institute of Chemistry, University of Silesia in Katowice (Poland)
From industry: Lucio Sabbadini
Fincantieri S.p.A. – Corporate Innovation Department – Head of Technology Cluster Coordination (Italy)

Q&A session will follow.

Call Transform4Europe Chair Exchange – second call

The Second Call Transform4Europe Chair Exchange is open from June 2022 to September 2022.

The Chair Exchange is based on a competitive independent application process by lecturers from the Alliance universities active in the Transform4Europe priority areas.

The duration of the Chair Exchange is one semester – combining physical and virtual mobility.

The academics applying for a Transform4Europe Chair position have to submit an online Application form at both the sending and host university.

The selection is done on the basis of the specified evaluation criteria by a Joint Selection Board.

Chairs will receive an Erasmus+ KA1 teaching mobility grant covering travel and subsistence from their own university provided they comply with the requirements of their home university. Submit the application form following steps indicated on the Welcome office for researchers webpage.

Workshop “Transforming Societies and Challenges of the Russian-Ukrainian War”

Students from T4EU Alliance universities can apply to a workshop entitled “Transforming Societies and Challenges of the Russian-Ukrainian War“, until July 3, 2022. The workshop will be held online on 7 and 8 July 2022.

The purpose of this initiative is to try to shed light on the current situation in Ukraine from different perspectives. It is also an opportunity to bring together students from all the Transform4Europe partners and allow them to engage in a lively exchange.

The workshop has been developed by the Europa-Institut at Saarland University, within the framework of the Transform4Europe project and with the support of the German Academic Exchange Service.

Participants will be selected evenly among the partner universities, according the order in which applications are received.

The link for participation will be sent out by July 5.

Download the programme