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Anno accademico 2007/2008

Recognition of a foreign university qualification

Graduates from EU and non-EU countries may have their foreign academic qualifications recognized, provided the course of study is still offered by the University of Trieste.

In the event that a bilateral agreement has been signed between the Italian government and the country awarding the qualification, recognition will be granted with no need of evaluation from the academic authorities, provided the qualification is exactly the same as the one mentioned in the agreement. Under such agreements may be recognized, for instance, some university qualifications from Austria, Ecuador and Slovenia. If this is the case, applications can be submitted at any time of the year.

As a rule (outside the mentioned agreements), the academic authority, after assessing your study plan and exams, can grant full recognition (equivalence) of your qualification, or recognize it only partially. In the latter case, you might need to take a few exams, or else be admitted to the final exam.
Applications must be submitted to the International Students’ Desk - Servizio Studenti Stranieri - on the appropriate FORM from 18th July to 5th October 2016. Please be advised that non-EU citizens living abroad must previously apply at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence in order to obtain a student visa.

With the application form you must send the following documentation:

1.    secondary school leaving qualification;

2.    academic qualification;

3.    dichiarazione di valore concerning your degree and your school leaving certificate, issued by the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the awarding country, or a credential evaluation report issued by ENIC-NARIC information centres, or any other certificate issued by official foreign institutions, e.g. Diploma Supplement (DS) issued by the foreign university, or a certificate from the Ministry of Education;

4.    transcript of records including scores and credit hours. If such details are provided in the Diploma Supplement, a separate transcript is not required;

5.    syllabus, i.e. an outline of topics covered in the courses;

6.    a copy of the final thesis, if applicable;

7.    residence permit (non-EU nationals only).

Certificates (points 1, 2, 4 and DS) must be legalized or bear the Apostille stamp certifying that the signature or seal on the document is genuine, and submitted in the original or certified copy, along with an official translation in Italian.

Documents issued by European countries joining international conventions (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Latvia, Estonia and Germany) are exempt from legalization or Apostille.

Student syllabi are accepted in English or any other language as specified by the Department: (see “dettaglio”). Degree theses need not to be translated. However, students are to provide a short summary thereof in Italian.

The University of Trieste may require other documents, if the provided evidence is deemed insufficient.

As a foreign national, you must sit an interview aimed at testing proficiency in Italian, before obtaining recognition of your degree, unless you have a valid certificate of competence in the language.

Once you have been granted recognition, you can use the Italian title (egdottore”) and apply for public competitions (only if you are an UE citizen).

Please note that recognition for professional purposes (allowing professionals to practise in Italy) is granted by the Ministries which are entitled to regulate each profession.
For general information on professional recognition, please link to: (English version available).


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