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Anno accademico 2007/2008

Single-course units

If you do not wish to undertake a complete course of study leading to a degree award, but simply take a few exams and attend classes for one or two semesters, you can apply for single-course units in your area of interest. Course units may be selected from any of the degree programs available (see Guida online) for up to 36 credit points (CFU) max per year. Please note that courses chosen from limited-access programs are subject to approval by the relevant Department.

To be eligible, you are required to hold a valid school qualification or a university degree. If you are studying in a university abroad and/or have gained a school or academic qualification from a foreign institution, you must submit the following items to the International Students’ Desk - Servizio Studenti Internazionali:

·         your school leaving certificate, legalized and translated in Italian and, if possible, the relevant “dichiarazione di valore” issued by the Italian Consulate or Embassy, or

·         your degree certificate, legalized and translated in Italian

·         evidence of your student status from your home university (e.g. transcript of records), legalized and translated in Italian.


a)                  As a non-EU student living outside Italy, you need to:

1.    Apply at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence (see closing dates), in order to obtain a student visa.

2.    Hand in the above-mentioned items to the Servizio Studenti Internazionali.

3.    Follow the instructions for registration on our portal and application:

b)            As a EU student or a non-EU student holding a residence permit in Italy, hand in the above-mentioned items to the Servizio Studenti Internazionali and apply following the instructions on our site:

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