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Science Communication on new Media - docente I. Eberini

21 Giu, 2022

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Piattaforma Teams
10:00 - 13:30
Relatore: Prof I. Eberini
Data termine: 21-06-2022
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Data termine iscrizioni: 14-06-2022 alle 12:00


the seminar will be held in English

Science communication through new media
The meeting will be devoted to a better knowledge and comprehension of social network and new media and of their use in science dissemination and in the engagement of stakeholders and of civil society, according to the European guidelines contained in the European Charter for Researchers. This EU document recommends that "the nature of the relationship between researchers and employers or funders is conducive to successful performance in generating, transferring, sharing and disseminating knowledge and technological development, and to the career development of researchers”. The goals of these actions are to bring scientists closer to citizens, according to the EU Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) guidelines, using bidirectional communication paradigms, typical of new media and quite different from the monodirectional ones of mass media.