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Power Point: presentations for communicating your research - docente L. Bignardi

19 Apr, 2023

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Aula 2A (Edificio D)
9:00 - 13:00
Relatore: L. Bignardi
Data termine: 19-04-2023
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Data termine iscrizioni: 14-04-2023 alle 12:00


Seminar will be held in english



The ability to deliver effective and engaging oral presentations is a critical skill for scholars in all disciplines. Unfortunately, despite the importance of clear communication, professional presentations about research are too often confusing, abstract and boring.
The aim of this short course is to introduce graduate students to the essentials of creating PPT presentations. We will cover topics from the basics of creating presentations to more advanced tips, reviewing examples, and giving a list of suggestions to deliver an elegant and effective presentation of your research.