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Intellectual and Technology Assets Management: The Logistics of Ideas

01 Feb, 2018

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Sala Atti Cacciaguerra - 1 piano ala destra - Edificio A
9:00 - 16:30
Relatore: Dr. Roberto Castagno
Data termine: 02-02-2018
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Intellectual and Technology Assets Management: The Logistics of Ideas


Numero ore corso: 10


1 febbraio 9-13 e 14.30-16.30

2 febbraio  9-13

(pausa caffè prevista a metà mattina)

Obiettivi formativi:

Upon completing the course, students will have a basic understanding of the role of Intellectual Property Rights in the operations of technology businesses, as well as an overview of the toolbox available to them for managing and controlling intellectual assets.


Contenuti del corso:

Open innovation and knowledge-based business models are becoming dominant in the creation of value from innovation and technology. The management of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) has become an essential enabler for a knowledge-based economy. Patents, copyrights, trade secret, know-how are tools that turn intangibles -such as “innovation”, “technology”, “knowledge”- into tradable assets.

Unfortunately, IPR make the headlines in association to litigation and high-profile “patent wars”, and academic and educational effort on IPR is often confined to law schools. In reality, IPR competence is not important just for lawyers, but it is a crucial skill for engineers and business managers, as well.

The management of technology and intellectual assets is an increasingly critical aspect of operations for all kinds of businesses, from start-ups to large corporations. This “Logistics of Ideas” is as important for the knowledge-based economy as the traditional logistics was for the economy based on physical products.

The course will address the following topics:

  • Intellectual and technology assets as building blocks of a knowledge based economy
  • Patents and other forms of intellectual property rights: an overview. How to read a patent, and how much does it cost to get one.
  • Patents as a tool for managing Innovation: form ownership to control.
  • Start-ups and MVP: could your Minimum Viable Product be your Most Valuable Patent? What are the patents-related questions that your investors or buyers will ask from your start-up?
  • From the logistics of things to the logistics of ideas: managing technology assets.


Metodi didattici:

The learning will include formal lectures, real-life case studies and classroom discussions, individual reading and group work (1 case study followed by a presentation).


Modalità di verifica dell’apprendimento:

The course evaluation will be based on a written exam and on the grading of the group work.


Altre informazioni:

The lecturer is an engineer and PhD in telecommunications who discovered the world of patents ten years ago and got excited about the logistics of ideas. He is now the Head of IPR Services at TECH in Nokia Technologies, and serves as a lecturer and consultant on innovation management matters to universities, learning centers and to the Italian embassy to Finland.