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Ethics Research

04 Feb, 2022

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Piattaforma Teams
9:00 - 13:00
Relatore: Prof.ssa Daniela Ovadia
Data termine: 04-02-2022
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Data termine iscrizioni: 02-02-2022 alle 12:00


Ethics of research is recognized worldwide as a mandatory tool for researchers. The aim of the 4-hours seminar is to give an overview of the field. Knowledge about the responsible conduct of research includes facts, guidelines, policies, data and other sources of information.

Among the core competencies that are discussed in the different ethics of research training programs and that we will briefly tackle there are:

·      Knowledge of, and sensitivity to, issues surrounding the responsible conduct of research and research misconduct.

·      Appreciation for accepted, normative scientific practices for conducting research.

·      Awareness of the grey areas and ambiguities of ethical issues, including differences between compliant and ethical behaviour in the conduct of research, or the range of acceptable and unacceptable practices.

·      Awareness that rules change over time and vary across disciplines or nations.

·      Information about the regulations, policies, statutes, and guidelines that govern the conduct of research.


Daniela Ovadia is an italian science journalist, neuroscientist and neuroethicist. She studied medicine and neuroscience. She is the scientific director of the Center for Ethics in Science and Journalism, and the co-director of the Neuroscience and Society Lab at University of Pavia, where she teaches ethics of research and neuroethics. She is also a member of the faculty of the Master course in science communication at SISSA Trieste where she taught Communication of neuroscience, Ethics of research and, starting from 2022 "The knowledge cycle", an introductory course on the models and rules governing the production of scientific knowledge. In 2021 she publoshed, together with Fabio Turone, the book "Scienza senza maiuscola - L'etica della ricerca per una cittadinanza scientifica" (Codice edizioni).