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CV, Cover Letter and Job Interview - FYD

12 Mag, 2022

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9:30 - 13:30
Relatore: PhD Chiara Veneziani
Data termine: 12-05-2022
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(Seminar will be held in english)

 I have decided to find a job outside academia: and now?  Tips and tricks about how to successfully face the recruitment process with a PhD.

An increasing number of researchers consider to change their own career path and find a job outside academia. However, looking for a job outside academia for the first time is a moment full of hidden pitfalls and challenges.

Researchers are often unaware of their marketable skills or unsure about how to transfer the value of their doctoral program in a context characterized by rules, goals, habits and processes so different. As a result, researchers facing a career transition outside academia are often rejected from recruiters without understanding why. This not only leads to frustration feelings, but also to the wrong belief that the doctorate is not valuable on the market.

During this workshop we will analyse the reasons why researchers are so often rejected by recruiters, thus giving tips and tricks about how to successfully face the recruitment process in the career transition with a PhD. The speaker will be the HR Manager in Find Your Doctor, the first job agency for PhDs only: after facing firsthand a career transitions from the PhD to the market, she is now an expert recruiter specialising in research profiles, who deeply knows what companies are looking for as well as the value PhDs can provide. She will therefore explain how to prepare a good cover letter and a CV and how to give the best in a job interview while constantly keeping the very peculiar perspective of a PhD owner, taking into consideration all the typicalities involved.