Modelling and Machine Learning

The research group of the Machine Learning Lab ( works on the design and development of techniques for automatic synthesis of algorithms from examples of the desired output, possibly based on big data. The lab focusses mainly on engineering applications and developed novel solutions for specific problems spanning across several fields: information extraction, image processing, social network analysis, web and mobile security, document classification, mechanical modeling, and others. In particular, the lab is on the cutting edge of exploitation of Genetic Programming as a mean for solving engineering-related problems. Genetic Programming is an evolutionary methodology which allows to automatically generate algorithms, starting from building blocks: this methodology is well suited to cases for which the manual crafting of an algorithm is not viable but a way to quantify the quality of a solution is available.

The team is also involved on methodological improvements of modelling and simulation technology and on its application to biological systems, cyber-physical systems, collective adaptive systems, and performance of computer systems.