Mechanical systems

RoboNeTS has members with a long-standing robotics competence, especially in the field of mechanical engineering. The group has good track in robotic research and implementations, as well as in industrial applications. It promotes the evolution of robotic technology for industrial users, through industry/academic partnership.

Thanks to its interdisciplinary infrastructure, RoboNeTS can provide a broad support in all those research projects involving the conceptualization, the design, the analysis, and the optimization of new robotic or mechatronic systems.

Cutting-edge analysis software specific for the study of the mechanical behavior of robotic systems are commonly employed in the center, such as Multibody Dynamics Simulation Platforms, FEM analysis, Virtual Realty software, Optimization Suits and their integration.

Specific research lines are:

  • Kinematic and dynamic analysis of cable-based robots and serial robots;
  • Robot design oriented to the human-robot interaction improvement;
  • Compliant systems and mechanisms for collaborative robots;
  • New materials for robotics and biomechanics;
  • Optimization of mechanical and mechatronic systems;
  • Progressive co-adaptation of human-machine interfaces;
  • Additive manufacturing: new technological solutions and approaches;
  • Impact mitigation compliant systems for rovers.