Paolo Gallina

Cable robots, vibrations, haptic interfaces, multibody simulations for robotics, kinematics

GROUP: Mechanical Systems

Paolo Gallina is associate professor of Applied Mechanics and Robotics at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Trieste, Trieste (Italy). He implemented a Robotics Laboratory where he carries out his main research in robotics. He is head of the Council for Students in Industrial Engineering Degree. His interests are in vibrations, human-machine interfaces, robotics, haptic interfaces, especially applied to rehabilitation and cable-driven robots.

List of selected projects he was involved in:

  • Mathematical models and methods for the control of robot-patients in medical robots, MURST project;
  • Haptic robots for biomedical applications, MURST-IMI project;
  • Master-slave haptic system for neurosurgery and radio surgery robotics applications, MURST project;
  • Control and optimization of a 5 DoF haptic interface, MURST project;
  • Force Control implementation for innovative human interacting robots,  MURST project;
  • Advanced control for teleoperated heavy duty machines, MURST project;
  • On line defect detection vision system on plastic pieces, BRITE EURAM BEPL 974696;
  • Cable driven haptic device, collaboration between the University of Padova and the Ohio University.