Orfeo Sbaizero

Mechanical properties, Cytoskeleton, AFM, MEMS

GROUP: Mechanical Systems


Orfeo Sbaizero received his PhD degree in Materials Science from the Kyoto Institute of Technology. He is Professor of Science and Technology of Materials  at the Department of Engineering and Architecture - University of Trieste – Italy. He is also Co-director of the Center for Excellence for Nanostructured Materials, University of Trieste, Italy. In 2013 he received the award “Marco Polo della Scienza Italiana" from the Italian Embassy in Tokyo (Japan) during the “Italy meets Asia 2013” symposium.

Prof. Sbaizero’s has more than 30 years experience in materials science. His primary research interests are in preparation and characterization (mainly mechanical properties) of materials. He is co-author of more than 180 papers. His publications reflect his research interests in characterizing the materials mechanical properties. Recent research have been focused on: (i) the in-situ measurement of bridging stress in ceramic materials with a piezospectroscopic technique and the correlation of these stresses with the R-curve of the ceramics, (ii) the characterization of the hydroxyapatite nucleation and growth on different surfaces (mainly TiO2 and TiN), (iii) thin films deposition using a pulsed MOCVD method (iv) Metal Matrix Composites reinforced with nanosized spinel. Current research interests are also in the field of Bio-MEMS and include biosensors for SNP’s detection and in vitro platforms for single cell measurements.