Agostino Patrizio Accardo

biomedical signal processing, biomedical instrumentation, biomedical modeling, clinical engineering, biomedical data analysis

GROUP: Perception and Action


Agostino Accardo, graduated in Electronic Engineering in 1979 with 110/110 cum laude, is associate professor of Biomedical Instrumentation at the Department of Engineering and Architecture (DIA) of the University of Trieste. He is engaged in research related to the design and characterization of biomedical instrumentation, bio-systems, biological signals and images analysis and processing. In the latter field, his research mainly concerns eye movements, handwriting, babbling, infant cry, speech, gait analysis, linear and nonlinear analysis of ECG and EEG, brain connectivity, analysis of MRI images, micro-MRI and micro-CT of trabecular structures and scaffolds. He holds an international patent on a system for the prevention of hypoglycemia during exercise, in type 1 diabetic patients. He was co-founder (in 1981) of the Trieste section of the National Group of Bioengineering (GNB) of which, since 2007, is responsible. He founded and managed the Biomedical Instrumentation and the Signals and Images Analysis research laboratories at the DIA. He is the director of a post-graduate course in Clinical Engineering and the dean of the master degree in Clinical Engineering. He is currently a member of two PhD colleges and holds seven teachings in four different graduate masters and post-graduate courses. From 2013 is an honorary member of AIIC (Italian Association of Clinical Engineering)