biomedical signal processing, biomedical instrumentation, biomedical modeling, clinical engineering, biomedical data analysis
machine learning, evolutionary computation
Modelling, Simulation, Quantitative Formal Methods, Formal Verification, Statistical Machine Learning
Elettroencefalografia, Brain Computer Interface, movimento volontario
Power electronics, fault tolerance, electric drives, power supply, power quality
image processing, forensic image processing, electronics for experimental physics
Signal processing, Brain Computer Interface, Information theory, Bioinformatics, Error correcting codes
Perception-Action, 3D shape, Motion, Completion, Motor Control
control theory, fault diagnosis, machine learning and robotics
Cable robots, vibrations, haptic interfaces, multibody simulations for robotics, kinematics
form perception, visual motion, perceived transparency, cognitive ergonomics, multisensory integration
Materials, Nanotechnology, Energy, Photovoltaics, Spectroscopy
Image processing, HDR imaging, hardware architecture, FPGA, Embedded Systems
evolutionary computation, machine learning, web and mobile security
Neural Networks, Fault Diagnosis, Estimation, Identification, Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
Optimal and Robust Control, Systems Theory, Robotics, Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Image Processing, Image Enhancement, Image Quality Estimation, Image Analysis, Computer Vision
Mechanical properties, Cytoskeleton, AFM, MEMS
Mobile robots, machine vision, space robotics, compliant systems, additive manufacturing
Electric machines, electromechanical system design, mathematical modeling and simulation, finite element analysis, design optimization