RoboNeTS is an interdisciplinary research network housed at the University of Trieste. It was built upon foundational work developed over the previous ten years in the field of Robotics and Mechatronics at the University of Trieste.

RoboNeTS brings together robotics researchers from across University—spanning colleges, Departments and Individual labs—to create new collaborative opportunities for faculty and strengthen partnerships with national and international industry. The multidisciplinary approach of the collaboration opens the way to contribute to research projects with efficiency, covering a broad spectrum of competencies.

The mission of the network is to advance robotic systems and their interaction with end-user and operators. It aims at maximizing the societal and economic impact of robotics research in the environment.
Research activities are rooted on all aspects of robotics including development of module technologies (e.g., sensors, special robotic structures, communication), novel robotic paradigms, and intelligence and autonomy for robotic systems.

The center consists of faculty members spanning the following academic departments: