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Health surveillance

Health surveillance represents one of the general protective measures for the health of students and workers exposed to professional risks, which can develop dangerous effects. The health surveillance is an evaluation made by the occupational physician, specialist in occupational medicine, and it is about the workers’ suitability to the specific job to which they are assigned. The health conditions of workers are examined according to the risks that the assigned work involves.

The Prevention and Protection Service manages the health surveillance provided by the legislation currently in force for the university personnel (which also comprehends the grantees, the scholarship holders, the trainees, general collaborators and the non-enrolled students) through the Occupational Physician, with a view to simplification, effectiveness and efficiency. It provides:

Specific procedures are also provided in case of pregnancy.

The Service manages the health surveillance according to two procedures that are different in respect of the addressee:

  • the students that enroll at degrees that provide the teaching in chemical or biological laboratories
  • the university personnel that, besides the employees, comprehends the grantees, the thesis writers, the guests, general collaborators and all the students that attend labs and that are not included in the previous category

All the activity is performed in collaboration with the occupational physician.

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