Sorveglianza Sanitaria

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Everyone who performs activities for or in the athenaeum (namely the persons that the Legislative Decree 81/2008 calls “workers”), to be specific:

  • those who have stipulated a contract of paid employment with the athenaeum ( e.g. teaching staff, researchers, technical-administrative staff)
  • those who have stipulated a contract of collaboration with the athenaeum (e.g. lecturers, scholarship holders, grantees, trainees)
  • and all the other persons who, on whatever grounds (also without a contract), work inside the university laboratories (e.g. PhD students, thesis writers, trainees, guests)

must undergo the health surveillance.

All these people are invited to read before the circular letter and then to proceed with the compilation of the form for the declaration of planned activities.

Instead the students from the first years of University , who attend the scientific labs, must refer to the page of the anamnestic questionnaire.