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Initial health examination

The law on safety in the workplaces provides that those who perform tasks at risk, or anyway work in environments at risk, must be subjected to the health surveillance in order to evaluate the suitability to the performed activity.

The risk evaluation is carried out by the Occupational Physician, in collaboration with the Prevention and Protection Service, according to the declaration of planned activities.

For every worker an “initial” health examination is provided:

  • After the hiring
  • at every change in duties (that involves risks or laboratories different from those specified in the previous declarations of planned activities)

Before the beginning of the activity, and anyway no later than 30 days from the signature of every new contract or before the authorization to attend premises and to use of university equipment:

1-      the worker fills out the declaration of planned activities in collaboration with his/her own supervisor and/or with the person in charge of the structure

2-      the occupational physician evaluates if it is appropriate to provide a follow-up visit for the declared working activity

3-      in this case, the worker will be contacted to set the date to carry out the medical examination:

  • automatically, through the institutional email address
  • by phone for those to whom an university account has not been assigned

4-      the occupational physician can prescribe additional specialized examinations: in this case the worker will be contacted to set the dates to carry them out

5-      after having completed all the medical examinations, both the worker and the Prevention and Protection Service will receive a copy of the certification of suitability

6-      the possible restricted prescriptions to be respected for the new tasks to be performed, or the possible unsuitability of the subject, will be communicated to the worker’s person in charge of the structure

The medical examination can comprehend clinical and biological exams and diagnostic investigations; furthermore, it can provide the control of the absence of conditions of alcoholic addiction and of intake of psychotropic substances and drugs. The examinations take place in the Institute of Labour Medicine in via della Pietà n° 19 in Trieste, see the map.

The occupational physician can require additional instrumental examinations or external specialized ones. All the costs shall be assumed by the athenaeum and the examinations are counted to all effects as working hours.

The results of the medical examination will be written down in the medical file of the worker. The occupational physician expresses a judgment on:

  • suitability
  • partial, temporary or permanent suitability, with prescriptions or restrictions
  • temporary unsuitability, specifying the temporal limits
  • permanent unsuitability

communicating it both to the employer and to the worker.