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November 2021

Wasserman Prize 2021

My doctoral thesis work has been recognised with the Wasserman Award 2021 for innovative and high-level research in the field of new materials, and in particular for for charting the topological properties of all exfoliable non-magnetic materials, identifying 2D jacutingaite as the first example of a Kane-Mele quantum spin Hall insulator, and 3D jacutingaite as a dual-topology material - a prediction later confirmed by experiments. This is the third recognition for my PhD work at EPFL, following the SAIS prize 2021 for the best STEM PhD 2021 among Italian-speaking doctoral students in Switzerland and the 2020 EPFL Doctoral Program Thesis Distinction awarded to the 8% best PhD students of each EPFL doctoral school every year.

August 2021

LuIO spinFET

Discovered novel 2D material for spintronics and studied the performance as spinFET


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Electronic-Structure Theory & Algorithms

Advances in electronic-structure theory and development of innovative algorithms

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Topological & Quantum Materials

Design and discovery of novel 2D materials, topological insulators and other quantum materials

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Machine Learning

Data mining and machine learning techniques applied to electronic structure simulations


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