Biography of Carla Braitenberg

With the Vordiplom in Physics of the University of Tübingen, CB accomplished the Laurea with summa cum laude in Physics with a thesis entitled "Geophysical effects in the gravitational waves antenna: the GEOGRAV Experiment" and the PhD in Geophysics with a thesis entitled "Time-spatial variations of some physical parameters in the seismic Friuli area (Italy)", both at the University of Trieste. CB presently holds a tenure assistant professor position at the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Trieste. CB speaks and writes fluently in Italian, German and English.

She has worked on several issues concerning the interpretation of the measurements of the strain- and tiltmeters of the Friuli (NE-Italy) strain-tiltmeter network. In particular she was interested in the observation of earth tides parameters and their variation in time, the hydrologic induced deformations and their relation to the local seismicity. An innovative approach for the modeling of the hydrologic effects in deformation measurements was developped, and it was shown that in the Friuli area this effect is very strong and must be taken into account, before any geophysical interpretation can be made with the measurements.

A further topic of interest has been the study of the structure of the entire crust (superficial and deep properties) and lithosphere applying different investigative methods which rely on the interpretation or inversion of the electromagnetic and the gravity field. Particular interest relies on all techniques of gravity 3D inversion and modelling, and inversion methodologies have been developped. The applicability of the methods is very broad, and ranges from superficial masses as cavities or sedimentary basins to deep structures as the Moho undulations at the base of the crust. The isostatic flexure models comprise a more recent topic of interest, and a new high resolution approach has been developped, that is partcularly apt for modeling and inverting spatial variations of elastic flexural properties of the crust. The combination of gravity inversion/modeling and flexural isostatic models form a powerful method for the formation of models of the upper earth layers. Areas of study include the Alps, the Kohistan Arch, the Tibet-Quinghai plateau and Eastern Brazil.


Tel.: (+39) 0405582258

Responsible for International student/teacher exchange programs between the Trieste University and Foreign University/Institutions:


Friedrich Schiller Universität Jena

Freie Universität Berlin

Chinese Academy of Sciences: Institute of Geodesy and Geophysics, Wuhan


CB presently is in charge of the institutional courses:


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