Curriculum Vitae Prof. CARLA BRAITENBERG

Curriculum Vitae

POSITION Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences, University of Trieste

ADDRESS Department of Mathematics and Earth Sciences, University of Trieste, Via Weiss 1, 34100 Trieste, Tel. 0039 040 558 2258. Email:

1980 Abitur (High school diploma) at the Classic Gymnasium "Uhland-Gymnasium" of Tübingen, Germany
1982 "Vordiplom" in Physics at Universität Tübingen, Germany
1987 University - Laurea in Physics at Trieste University with 110/110 and Laude. Title of Thesis: "Geophysical effects on the gravitational antenna: GEOGRAV experiment". Tutor:Prof. M.Zadro
1992 PhD. title; Thesis "Spatio-temporal variations of some physical parameters in seismic Friuli". Tutor: Prof. M. Zadro Researcher at Trieste University
1995 Tenurizing of researcher position at Trieste University
2002 Qualification for Professorship (C3) at Stuttgart University
2005 Qualification for Professorship (C3) at Freie Universität Berlin, second position in the ranking
2008 Guest Professor São Paulo University (USP), Brazil
2010 Qualification for Full professorship at Technische Universität Wien
2014 National Scientific Qualification (ASN) to Associate Professor
2014 - today: Associate professorship University of Trieste
2016 National Scientific Qualification (ASN) to Full Professor

1999-today Responsible of Socrates/Erasmus exchanges with different Universities (e.g. FSU Jena, FUB Berlin, CAU Kiel, Oxford, Leeds, Dokuz Eylul Izmir)
2001 Direction "Corso estivo teorico-pratico: Modellazione ed inversione 3D del campo gravitazionale con riferimento all'uso di GIS", Trieste, 24-27 Settembre 2001 (vedi
2003 Direction "Corso invernale teorico-pratico 2003: Modellazione ed inversione 3D del campo gravitazionale con riferimento all'uso di GIS ed alla isostasia flessurale", Trieste, 17-20 febbraio 2003 ( oppure vedi
2003,2005, 2006, 2007 Direction (with Prof. H.J. Goetze, Kiel) del "Corso internazionale sul campo gravitazionale alpino(Internationaler Kurs zum alpinen Gravitationsfeld), Merano.
2008 Introduzione al Geoide Alpino, corso teorico-pratico, Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano
2012 Geophysical Application of Satellite Gravity Fields Workshop, South African Geophysical Association, in collaboration with Prof. J. Ebbing, 18-19 September 2012, Johannesburg (South Africa)

2011 Coordination of Alps Array activities in the ambit of potential fields.
2012 Int. Association of Geodesy Joint Working Group JWG2.8: Modeling and Inversion of Gravity-Solid Earth Coupling (coordinated by C. Braitenberg).


Starting with the Laurea thesis, CB has worked in different areas of modern geophysics:
1) Study of the structure of the Lithosphere in Tibet-Himalaya, Eastern Alps, Barents Sea, West Siberian Basin, South China Sea, Parana' basin, African continent
2) Formation of cratonic basins
3) Development of innovative methods in Potential Fields, flexural isostasy and in Magnetotellurics. Use of satellite data
4) Crustal deformation measurements and their interpretation and modelling: Short term deformation and seismogenesis; hydrologic effects in deformation measurements and their modeling
5) vertical crustal movements and sea level change, satellite altimetry
6) Satellite geodetic missions, GOCE e GRACE
7) Software development: Lithoflex (
8) Exploration and geologic exploitation of satellite GOCE gravity gradient observations
9) Temporal changes of gravity due to tectonic movements
8) Tutor of 28 Degree Thesis O. R. (old rules), Bachelor Degree or Master Degree/Specialist
9) Tutor of 8 PhD thesis


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