The AtmoCube project at the University of Trieste

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> A start-up company was born from this project: PicoSaTs <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The Trieste University is developing a nanosatellite, called AtmoCube, which will be useful in the study of the Space Weather.

The satellite is mainly developed within the
- Physics Department,
- Department of Industrial Engineering and Information Technology,
- Dept. of Mechanics,
- INAF Trieste,
- and INFN Trieste.

The satellite is designed and built by graduate and undergraduate students, so the project has a strong educational content: students of the Faculties of both Physics and Engineering are involved. Many theses have been completed about the various physics and engineering aspects of the project: you may see them here.
The project has also been presented to students of several high schools in Trieste and Udine.


Mission of the project.


Several companies are strongly supporting the project:
- MatHiTech takes care of the mechanical assembly
- SCEN takes care of mounting electronic components on the PCBs of the satellite
- Area Science Park Trieste has offered some scholarships
- Enteos / My Wave has hosted very many students for their final project
- Elcon Elettronica which also has hosted some students for their final project
Some support has also been provided by
- Alga Magneti
- Elimos
- Forgetech

The launch of the satellite

Atmocube has been selected by the European Space Agency, together with other 5 University projects in Europe, to partecipate to the maiden flight of the new European launcher Vega.

The AtmoCube Team web site

is here, but the access is restricted to the AtmoCube Team members.