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The Tenth Annual

Trieste Joyce School

25 June – 1 July 2006


University of Trieste

Director: Professor Renzo S. Crivelli

Vice-Director: Dr John McCourt




Dscription of Events

The Tenth edition of  the Trieste Joyce School will take place from 25 June to 1 July 2006. Following the tradition established in previous years, this year's school hopes to satisfy the needs both of seasoned Joyceans and of newcomers to the world of Joyce studies. The School draws inspiration from Trieste itself - its history, its culture, its architecture, its institutions - and leaves participants with a sense of why Joyce came to describe the city as his “second country".

The school opens on the evening of Sunday 25 June in the auditorium of the Galleria d'Arte moderna "Revoltella" and concludes with a farewell dinner the following Saturday. The morning lectures will see a selection of the world's finest literary scholars address various aspects of Joyce's life and works through a wide range of critical approaches. These lectures are accompanied by week-long afternoon seminars on Dubliners (Erik Schneider), Ulysses (Fritz Senn), Finnegans Wake (Ron Ewart). A special seminar called “Making Manuscripts Speak” on genetic approaches to Joyce will be jointly run by Dirk Von Hulle and Luca Crispi. A walking tour of Joyce's Trieste is also arranged as well as a visit to the Trieste Joyce Museum. Among the highlights of this year's social and cultural programme are readings by acclaimed Irish novelist, John McGahern. There will also be a visit to an Osmiza in the Triestine Carso, an evening of music and song, and an afternoon on the beach to enjoy what Joyce called “that damn silly sun that turns men into butter”!







Eric Bulson

Columbia University

Brian Caraher

Queen’s University Belfast

Luca Crispi

National Library of Ireland

Renzo S. Crivelli

University of Trieste

Sreben Dizdar

University of Sarajevo

Ron Ewart

Zurich James Joyce Foundation



Irena Grubica

University of Rijeka/Fiume

Stacey Herbert

National Library of Ireland

John McCourt

Trieste Joyce School

Margot Norris

University of California

Cormac O’Grada

University College Dublin

Jean-Michel Rabaté

Princeton University

Franca Ruggieri

Universita’ di Roma Tre

Erik Schneider

James Joyce Museum, Trieste

Fritz Senn

Zurich James Joyce Foundation

Dirk Van Hulle

James Joyce Centre, University of Antwerp

Eamon Grennan

Vassar College, New York