June 16-23, 2002



In June 2002, Joyceans everywhere are invited to return to Trieste, the site of the third Symposium in 1971, to revisit the place that, after Dublin, meant more to Joyce than any other city.

Of particular interest will be papers on topics that can be connected to any aspect of the main theme, which is Joyce’s love for all things Mediterranean, from Gibraltar to Crete, from the Orient to the Adriatic Sea. Other possible ideas for papers include Joyce and the Politics of Europe (WWI, Empire, fascism, nationalism, postcolonialism); Joyce and the Art of Europe (Italo Svevo, Rilke, futurism, Eastern European literature); Biographical Joyce (Joyce the teacher, the journalist, the operagoer, the brother, the citydweller). Papers on any and all topics will be welcomed. What the organizers wish to promote, above all, is the enjoyment of Joyce, the rewards of an engagement with his texts, his life, his time, and his places.

It’s a rich field to study, and Trieste is a delight: small enough to discover properly, big enough to have a new convention center right on the water, as close to the canals of Venice as it is to the lakes of Llubljana, saturated in history in a way unique to itself. There will be evenings at Joyce’s Teatro Verdi, boat rides down the coast to Pola, music and song, and ample time to get to know and love a city that in some ways has remained unchanged since the day Joyce left in 1920. Plenary speakers will include Edward Said, Zack Bowen, Margot Norris, Claudio Magris, Thomas F. Staley and Slavoj Zizek.


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Abstracts (200-250 words) will be due to either of the academic organizers by October 15, 2001. Please contact us if

you have any questions or suggestions!


Local organizers:

Renzo Crivelli, Trieste Joyce School, University of Trieste;

John McCourt (, Trieste Joyce School, University of Trieste

Academic organizers:

Sebastian D. G. Knowles (, Department of English, Ohio State University, 164 W. 17th Ave., Columbus, OH 43210-1370, USA;

Geert Lernout (, James Joyce Centre, UIA-GER, Universiteitsplein 1, B2610 Wilrijk, Belgium


"And trieste, ah trieste ate I my liver!" (FW, 301.16)


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