Nowadays the Internationalisation of Higher Education systems is a priority for Universities and Higher Education Institutions.

The international role of the academic Institutions has mainly gone through mobility of faculty staff, students and administrative staff as a fundamental requisite to improve the quality of education; Internationalisation in fact, should include both stimulating outgoing mobility as well as providing a welcoming environment for international students.

In light of this, research, training and educational co-operation agreements play a key role and represent also the best way to test how the local and international social context react.

The historical international vocation of the University of Trieste is witnessed by its intense and high-level activity. Trieste is the European city with the highest density of research institutions and its university is among the leading research centres in terms of number of researchers and volume of research produced.

The international interuniversity agreements involve faculty staff, student and administrative mobility, both within EU Programmes like the ERASMUS+ Programme, as well as agreements exclusively concerned with research activities.

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