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The form of planned activities exists in different formats:

  • the online form must be filled out by those who the Legislative Decree 81/2008 defines as “workers”: who stipulates a contract with the athenaeum ( e.g. teaching staff, researchers, technical-administrative staff), as well as collaborators (e.g. lecturers, scholarship holders, grantees, trainees), but also the persons who, on whatever grounds, work inside the university laboratories (e.g. thesis writers, trainees, guests or others). To proceed to the compilation:
    • download the preview of the questionnaire (pdf)
    • download the instruction for the online compilation (pdf)
    • continue the compilation of the online form. ATTENTION! Read always the instructions before filling the online form out and remember to close and save when you have finished. Then, returning on the initial page, ask for the authorization of the director (for example the dean of department) and also for that of the laboratory manager (supervisor), in case of the attendance of laboratories. In case of doubt, if you put the mouse pointer in the field prepared for the answer, some help indications will appear.
  •  The paper version of the form is instead addressed to:
    • the guests that have not received neither the matriculation number nor any username or password by the athenaeum; they must send only the papers 2 and 3 by internal email to Prevention, Protection and Disability Service, Building C1 via Valerio 6/4, Trieste
    • the staff working at IRCCS Burlo Garofolo must send the form to Health Surveillance Office, room 33 of the Surgery Building (2nd floor) or by fax (040/3785348). For info:
    • the PhD students, who must:
      1. require to their PhD Director to sign the filled out form
      2. require the sign of the dean of main department (the one where the PhD has the administrative office)
      3. require the sign of the supervisor (the professor who supervises)
      4. send the signed form (only the papers 2 and 3) by internal email to Prevention and Protection Service, Building C1 via Valerio 6/4, Trieste

They are excluded from the compilation:

  • who work at the Ospedale Riuniti of Trieste (you must contact the Health Surveillance and Prevention Service at the Ospedale Maggiore Hospital Department by phone 070/399.2212 or by presenting yourself from Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 3.00 pm);
  • students from the first years of the University, for whom there is an anamnestic questionnaire;
  • personnel who issues an invoice for the performed activity (self-employment work performance).

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