Current Projects

Assistive Technologies based on Image Processing for People with Visual Impairments (FRA 2015-2018, S. Carrato):

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AMO_UNITS: online services accessibility viA MObile for UNITS students and employees using novel vocal interfaces (HEAD 2016, S. Carrato):

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Past Projects

International projects:

  • CHIRON (EU Artemis JU, 2010-2013, G. Ramponi):
    The CHIRON Project combines state-of-the art technologies and innovative solutions into an integrated framework designed for an effective and person-centric health management along the complete care cycle. CHIRON addresses and harmonizes the needs and interests of all the three main beneficiaries of the healthcare process, i.e., the citizens using the services, the medical professionals and the whole community.
  • Development of image quality metrics (Philips Electronics Nederland B.V., 2008-2011, G. Ramponi)
  • Information and Knowledge Management for Integrated Media Communication (COST 276), 2001-06.
  • SCHEMA NoE (affiliated member), Content-based semantic scene analysis and information retrieval, 2002-05.
  • Intelligent processing and facilities for communication terminals (COST 254), 1995-2000.
  • Characterization of Polynomial Filters for Image Enhancement and the Extraction of Invariant Image Features (European TMR contract), 1998-99.
  • Nonlinear Model-based Analysis and Description of Images for Multimedia Applications (ESPRIT LTR 20229 - NOBLESSE), 1996-98.
  • Nonlinear and adaptive techniques in digital image processing, analysis and computer vision (ESPRIT BRA 7130 - NAT), 1992-96.
  • Advanced topics in high-order statistics (ESPRIT WG 6620 - ATHOS), 1992-95.
  • Applications of digital signal processing to communications (COST 229), 1990-94.
National / Local projects:
  • ELADIN 2: High-Dynamic-Range Image and Video Processing (Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia), 2009-10.

    Fondo Trieste, 2009-2010: Forensic imaging with synchrotron light.

    ELADIN: High-Dynamic-Range Image and Video Processing (Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia), 2007-08.
  • A knowledge based model for digital restoration and enhancement of images concerning archaeological and monumental heritage of the Mediterranean coast (FIRB project No. RBNE039LLC) 2005-07.
  • Low power algorithms and architectures for advanced multimedia applications (PRIN project No.2003098078), 2004.
  • Acquisition and preprocessing of the data provided by silicon active pixel sensors (PRIN project No.2003097985), 2004.
  • SiRAD: Digital Restoration of Photographic Archives (Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia), 2003-04.
  • Integrated circuits for low-cost multimedia systems, MICROELECTRONICS, (MURST-CNR), 1997-99.
  • Realization of Digital Signal and Image Processing Algorithms (MURST 40%), 1996.
  • Signal processing and coding for multimedia systems and telecommunications (MURST 40%), 1995-96.
  • VLSI architectures for HDTV (CNR Special Project), 1994-96.
  • Model-based analysis, coding and synthesis of multidimensional images (MURST 40%), 1992-94.