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Eligibility/admission requirements

PhD applicants must hold one of the following qualifications:

  • an Italian degree known as “Laurea specialistica / magistrale” or a degree awarded prior to approval of Ministerial Decree D.M. no. 509 of 3rd Novembre 1999, amended by no. 270 of 22nd October 2004;
  • a foreign academic qualification awarded abroad if recognized as equivalent;
  • a foreign academic qualification awarded abroad which is comparable for its duration, level and academic field to the Italian title which grants the access to the PhD Course. Suitability of the candidate’s academic qualification for enrolment on the PhD programme shall be assessed by the Examining Board, in compliance with relevant laws in force in Italy and in the Country where the qualification was awarded and in compliance with international treaties or agreements on the recognition of qualifications.
Some PhD courses may require specific degree qualifications. For more information, please refer to the relevant “Admission” sheet.

Application for admission to the selection

The applicants must have obtained their foreign qualification by 30th September 2017, in order to allow the University, where applicable, to seek the support of national institutions for assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications.
The admission procedure is online only, and therefore it is necessary to upload the files of the scanned documents proving of the qualifications obtained.
In order to prove the degree diploma held, it is necessary to upload a file of the original degree diploma. Were the course of studies to be divided into a first and a second level, eg Bachelor’s plus Master’s, both diplomas must be uploaded. Should the original diploma not be available yet it would be sufficient – at this stage – to upload a certificate of the diploma issued by the institution awarding it.
In order to document their academic career the applicants must submit a transcript of records or a certificate detailing exams taken and marks awarded.
Should the language of the diploma or of the certificate be other than English, the candidate shall upload a translation into English. At this stage, the translation may be made by the candidate himself/herself, who undertakes full responsibility for the truthfulness and the conformity with the original document.
It is in the interest of the candidate to provide all the elements useful for the evaluation, especially if the education system of the country where the qualification was awarded is not comparable with the Italian one.
It is therefore advisable to upload any other document useful to assess the suitability of the application (e.g. the so-called “declaration of value” - Dichiarazione di valore).
If the candidate has the Diploma Supplement s/he does not have to submit other documents, as long as the DS contains a complete description of the nature, level, context, content and the status of the studies completed.
The Examining Board, may ask the candidates to provide further details and documents, should it be necessary for the assessment of the suitability of the application.


At enrolment, the candidate shall submit the legalized original documents of the files uploaded at admission with legalization.

Special cases

If the country of origin signed the Aja Convention of 5th October 1961, the documents must be stamped with the Aja Apostille by the local authorities.
The documents issued in some European countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Germany) are exempt from legalization and Apostille.

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