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PhD program in Molecular Biomedicine
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ICGEB - International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, Trieste

LNCIB - Laboratorio Nazionale del Consorzio Interuniversitario per le Biotecnologie, Trieste

CSF - Centro Studi Fegato, Trieste

IRCCS Burlo Garofolo, Trieste

CBM - Centro di Biomedicina Molecolare, Trieste

CRO - Centro di Riferimento Oncologico, Aviano (PN)

This PhD program is focused on the study of molecular approaches to cancer biology, genetics, and metabolic diseases. The program integrates basic research and clinics, involving relatively newer disciplines such as bioinformatics, proteomics and nanotechnology. Students will be trained for a career in biomedical research either in academic or biotechnological institutions.

The course requires three years of full time laboratory work, and terminates with the submission of a written Thesis. During this time students will receive a strong laboratory training, working in close interaction with experienced scientists. At the same time, students will attend to lecture courses and seminars. In addition, students will periodically present their data in public seminars, and participate to journal clubs coordinated by members of the teaching board.

During the first year students will submit an articulated research project; in the following years students will present their progress in public seminars.
Students will be supervised by the principal investigator of the host laboratory and by one or more external advisors.

The official language of the program is English, therefore a working knowledge of scientific english is absolutely required for admission.

The program terminates with the submission of a Thesis written in english, which will be discussed in a public seminar. To submit the final thesis the PhD work must be published (or at least submitted) to an international peer reviewed journal.

Students will receive the standard Italian University PhD fellowship for the entire duration of the program. The amount of the fellowship might be raised in specific cases, depending on availability of funding.