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Context in the explanation and evaluation of human reasoning

In The Tenth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context (CONTEXT-17)

Paris, France, 20-23 June 2017



With the support of

- the Croatian Science Foundation (HRZZ) (title of the project: “Rationality: Between logically ideal and commonsensical in everyday reasoning”)

- Department of Humanities, University of Trieste

- CIMeL (Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Mind and Language)




Workshop Schedule - 20 June (Room 24-25-106)


14.00 Paolo Labinaz (University of Trieste), Introduction

14.15 Reasoning and its relationship to context in philosophy, psychology and artificial intelligence


Yves Bouchard (University of Sherbrooke), "Context as a formal object"

Debra Hollister (Valencia Community College, Orlando), "Psychology and context: how we learn"

Andras Veszelka (Pellea Human Research), "Logic and context in psychology of reasoning - where is the catch?"

15.30 Coffee Break

16.00 General discussion



Topic Track Schedule - 22 June (Room 24-25-105)


Chair: Paolo Labinaz (University of Trieste)

16.00 Debra Hollister (Valencia Community College, Orlando), Avelino Gonzalez and James Hollister (University of Central Florida), "Contextual Reasoning in Human Cognition and the Implications for     Artificial Intelligence Systems"

16.30 Andras Veszelka (Pellea Human Research), "Putting Context Dependent Human Logical Reasoning Into the Right Context"

17.00 Nyan Thanh (University of Manchester), "Investigating the Causal Link Between Context Triggers and Context: An Adaptive Approach"



Organizers: Marina Sbisą e Paolo Labinaz (University of Trieste)


Scientific Committee:  Margherita Benzi (University of Eastern Piedmont), Francesca Ervas (University of Cagliari), Paolo Labinaz (University of Trieste), Marco Mazzone (University of Catania), Andrea Parravicini (University of Padua), Marina Sbisą (University of Trieste), Ines Skelac (University of Rijeka), Nenad Smokrovic (University of Rijeka), Danilo Suster (University of Maribor).





Paolo Labinaz: plabinaz@units.it

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