Gaetano Kanizsa paintings
Department of Life Sciences, University of Trieste

The Trieste Symposium on
Perception and Cognition



in 2021 the TSPC has been organised in Padua
with the Department of General Psychology

The 29the Kanizsa Lecture has been held by
prof. Michael Herzog
link to YouTube video


Marco Bertamini (DPG,Padua)
Paolo Bernardis (DSV,Trieste)
Luca Battaglini (DPG,Padua)
Mario Bonato (DPG,Padua)
Gianluca Campana (DPG,Padua)
Carlo Fantoni (DSV, Trieste)
Walter Gerbino (DSV, Trieste)
Massimo Grassi (DPG,Padua)
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Kanizsa Lecture

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